BME provide a range of Marine Electrical Digital Switching and Monitoring products which will integrate to your network of marine electronics throughout your vessel. From small trailer boats to large super yachts, Digital Switching & Monitoring products will bring all of the power, safety and convince of advanced automation to your boat.

These products replace large clusters of analogue gauges and overly confusing switch boards by displaying and controlling all critical vessel information onto a multi function display network.

Control – Benefit from ultimate control of your time on the water.

BME’s Digital Switching Control Solutions / Digital Switching Modules (Raymarine, Maretron) offers easy control of the complex range of electrical systems and appliances on your vessel. Fixed control through digital push button switches and intuitive touch screen displays removes unnecessary panels of individual switches. Achieve wireless control with dedicated keyfob remote or complete access to each circuit and function through iPad over Wifi. View Digital Switching Modules

Integration – BME’s Digital Switching Solutions offers the great level of integration on all levels.

BME’s Digital Switching Solutions offers the most comprehensive engine interfacingpower monitoring, engine monitoring and control with any digital switching alternative.

Monitoring – Maintaining oversight of vessel or vehicle systems made easy.

BME’s Digital Switching Monitoring Solutions offers a comprehensive view of your entire electrical system (Voltage & Current Monitoring, Engine Monitoring, Tank Level Monitoring). With advance monitoring and trigger functionality, Our Monitoring Solutions will not only alert you to a potential problem in your system but will be able to resolve the problem for you automatically.

You should also check out our CZone Digital Switching product range. CZone Digital Switching Solutions simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated, cumbersome wiring.

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CZone Combination Output Interface (COI) with Connectors


CZone Meter Interface


CZone Motor Output Interface W/ Connector & Protective Boot


CZone Output Interface (OI) W/ Connector & Protective Boot


CZone Signal Interface (SI) W/ Seals & Connector


CZone Switch Control Interface W/ Seal


CZone Touch 5 & 10 Screen Kit

CZone Wireless Interface

CZone Wireless Interface