Raymarine Micronet Wireless Racing Performance Pack
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Raymarine Micronet Wireless Racing Performance Pack



You want the best chance of crossing the line first. This means you need instant access to accurate data, and displays that are absolutely reliable. Raymarine Wireless instruments excel on all fronts.

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Raymarine Micronet Racing Performance Pack Raymarine Wireless instruments excel on all fronts. They display all the data you’ll ever need and have user-configurable pages, crucial for racing performance with no wires through your hull or down your mast.

The ‘Auto Leg’ function allows the display to automatically show the right information for each leg of the course.
Customise the display to show only the data options required, minimising the time it takes to select the information you want. Maximised performance. The displays have an innovative Start Line feature, Line Bias, Wind Shift and Timer functions together with indicators for acceleration and speed trend.

Raymarine Micronet Wireless Features

  • T210 Multifunctional Wireless Maxi Display
    A large, solar-powered mast display for racing yachts that provides highly visible and accurate data. Massive 50 mm digits.
  • T215 Multifunctional Dual Wireless Maxi Display
    Displays two lines of data in high contrast 32 mm (1.3 in) digits
  • T113 Multifunctional Wireless Remote Display
    Not just a remote control. More an essential item of equipment for those serious about winning.
  • T060 Micro Compass
    The Raymarine Wireless Micro Compass gives you a massive racing advantage. It is light, easy to read, reliable and precise.
  • T070 Race Master
    The ultimate tactical race compass and wind shift indicator. Its two-tier display shows your heading, how far you’re above or below the mean course, and how much you’re being headed or lifted.
  • T220 Vertical Wind Transmitter
    A unique wind wand that provides highly accurate readings for TWS and TWA
  • Weight Savings
  • Remote Control
  • Target Speed
  • Distance to Line
  • Set/Drift
  • Auto Screen Change
  • 8Hz with Display update 2Hz
  • Tack to Tack Correction
  • Speed Trim, Acceleration & trend indication

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