HSC-5 System Humphree Trim and Stabilization systems
Humphree HCS-5 Trim & Stabilization Systems

Humphree HCS-5 Trim & Stabilization Systems

The Humphree HCS-5 Trim & Stabilizer System combines exceptional mechanical quality with electronic control including motion sensors and world class brushless servo motors to provide instant and exact response to the hull dynamics.

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Adding the fine-tuned boat control options Automatic Trim, Automatic List, Coordinated Turn or Active Ride Control will result in optimum comfort and performance regardless if the captain is a seasoned expert or a less experienced operator.

All the units are connected with watertight cables with the servo motors positioned protected inside the hull. HCS-5 can easily be upgraded with more functions, interceptors and fins.

HCU500 Control Unit

The HCU500-series control units consists of advanced sensors, calculating algorithms and works on 11 – 32 VDC. The control unit handles the system functions, controls the servo motors and powers the system. In a network with electrical fins, these are separately powered by 24VDC electricity.

CP502 Control Panel

CP502 is our new and advanced control panel – very easy to use – with a large colour display which is sunlight readable and therefore also suitable for outdoor installation, such as the flybridge. The control panel can change between day- and night mode and user selectable colour themes. CP502 is NMEA2000 certified which makes many installations easier. For service and support the control panel has an integrated Wi-Fi access point that enables remote access via your Internet connected device such as a mobile phone or computer.

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