Mastervolt MPPT Solar Chargemaster 60


The Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB is charge regulator for all solar panels. Besides the traditional 36 and 72-cell panels, the Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB is also ideal for the inexpensive 60-cell panels. A maximum input voltage of 145 V makes it possible to connect several panels in series, reducing the required cable length, installation time and power loss significantly.



Solar Charge Regulator

Mastervolt MPPT Solar Chargemaster 60

The Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB is Mastervolt’s largest MPPT solar charge regulator. With 600 to 3600 Wp in solar panels, connections for 12, 24 and 48-volt battery banks and an integrated MasterBus connection, this Solar ChargeMaster is perfect for large and medium-sized systems.

The innovative technology in the Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB charge regulators increases the efficiency of the solar panels. The Mastervolt SCM60 MPPT-MB charges your batteries up to 30% faster than PWM regulators with the same number of panels.


Use the power of MasterBus to switch on your water heater as soon as the battery is fully charged. Or link the Solar ChargeMaster via MasterBus to a Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery, removing the need for the disconnect relays usually required for this type of battery. The possibilities are endless.

  • Very high efficiency for faster charging of the batteries
  • Stable, accurate Mastervolt Maximum Power Point Tracker
  • Up to 30% faster charging compared with PWM technology.
  • Designed for inexpensive 60-cell panels.
  • Capacity for solar panel configurations from 600 to 3600 Wp.
  • Automatic 12/24/48 V detection.
  • Flexible charging characteristics.
  • Battery temperature sensor for long lifespan.
  • Suitable for all battery types, including Mastervolt Lithium Ion.
  • No need for Lithium Ion safety relay.
  • Monitoring and control via MasterBus.
  • Large and bright display.
  • Safe, very quiet operation.
  • Robust casing, suitable for humid environments (IP23)

Mastervolt MPPT Solar Chargemaster 60 Specifications

Battery Charger

Max. charge current at 40 °C / 104 °F: 60 A
System voltage (battery): 12/24/48 V auto select
Battery types: AGM, gel, wet, Lithium Ion
Battery temperature sensor: yes
Lithium Ion protection: yes, via MasterBus connection
Switchable output: (max. current) via MasterBus
Energy consumption: (night) < 1 mA

Solar Input (DC)

Nominal PV current at 40 °C / 104 °F: 50 A
PV start voltage (12/24/48 V): 15 V/27 V/51 V
Nominal PV voltage (12 V): 13.2-115 V
Nominal PV voltage (24 V): 26.4-115 V
Nominal PV voltage (48 V): 52.8-115 V
Max. PV voltage (Tmin): 145 V
Max. PV power (12 V): 900 Wp
Max. PV power (24 V): 1800 Wp
Max. PV power (48 V): 3600 Wp
Max. efficiency: > 98 %
Static MPP efficiency: 99.9 %