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ZF MicroCommand and ClearCommand


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Marine Propulsion Systems

ZF MicroCommand & ClearCommand

ZF marine propulsion control technology

ZF marine propulsion control technology

ZF MicroCommand and ZF ClearCommand are robust controls that have been long established as marine industry standards in electronic propulsion controls technology. The ZF MicroCommand and ZF ClearCommand products are suited to all applications utilizing mechanical engines and gears with any combination of electronic throttle or shift. ZF MicroCommand and ZF ClearCommand have been tested to requirements set by survey societies, and meet ABYC standards for performance and functional testing.

Utilizing the proven ZF ClearCommand platform, ZF Marine’s Premium ClearCommand was developed specifically for unique applications in multi-engine commercial, and very large pleasure craft vessel applications. ZF Marine’s  Premium ClearCommand is designed to interface with many commercially available DP systems and meets the stringent standards of most classification societies. In addition to all of the standard features of ZF Marine control systems, Premium ClearCommand offers unique features such as:

  • Engine room and remote station lock out
  • Unique transfer functionality and station in command indication as required by ABS
  • Dynamic Positioning and joystick interface
  • Fixed neutral delay for shaft brake sequencing

ClearCommand Features

  • Command of the vessel’s main engine speed and direction (command depends on the System)
  • Station-in-Command Indication
  • Push Button Station Transfer
  • Audible System Status Indication
  • Adjustment of Detent Crispness
  • Adjustment of Lever Friction

Microcommand System Features

Standard Features

Further information regarding the following features can be found in section 2: Operation.

  • Sequencing of Clutch and Engine Speed.
  • Station-in-Command indication.
  • Up to five Remote Stations.
  • Command of up to five screws.
  • Single Control Head lever command of speed and direction.
  • Start Interlock.
  • Push Button Station Transfer.
  • Proportional (Reversal) Pause on through Neutral Shifts.
  • Warm-up Mode.
  • High/Low Idle Selection.
  • One Lever Mode.
  • Engine Synchronization.

Optional Processor Features

Further information regarding each optional feature can be found in section

  • System failure external alarm contact.
  • Clutch pressure interlock.
  • Multiple Screw Installations.
  • Station Expander (SE).
  • 9001 Trolling Valve Control
About ZF Marine
ZF Marine Propulsion Technology is a manufacturer of propulsion components and complete propulsion systems for all types of vessels and marine applications.