TimeZero Coastal Monitoring – Maritime Surveillance Solution

TZ Coastal Monitoring Software: The cutting edge Maritime Surveillance Solution you can afford!

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TimeZero Coastal Monitoring Software

TZ Coastal Monitoring: The cutting edge Maritime Surveillance Solution you can afford!

Most Coastal Management processes can be supported by off-the-shelf system packages. These ready-made packages provide you with the advantages of a standard system that covers most business requirements at a fraction of what it would cost to have such a system custom-developed for you.

The standard system that we offer can in many cases, be configured to better meet your specific needs.

Proven reliability
In addition, you also benefit from a system that has been tried and tested by other companies similar to your own. As a result, you avoid the typical problems that are encountered when new systems are implemented that have been specifically developed for your needs.

Experienced partners
We offer robust solutions through Furuno, the strongest marine electronics distribution network in the world. This is coupled with years of experience in application implementation based on our advanced technological knowledge. Our technical and financial partnership with the Furuno group means that our professionalism and reliability are guaranteed.



DRS range offers a very powerful (and patented) DUAL RANGE feature. This very advanced feature enables the radar to scan and display two different real time ranges at each antenna rotation. This allows keeping high short range resolution and long range detection with one single radar antenna.


Camera compatibilities
TZ Coastal Monitoring offers the possibility connect up to 12 cameras on the same work station. Integrating a camera offers the possibility to receive additional information to the one received from the Radar and the AIS by enabling the visual identification of the target.


TZ Coastal Monitoring offers advanced and fully customizable alarms management. In seconds, authorized users can create new alarms and rules using the alarm options menu.

Record / Replay

This is an optional module which allows recording all the data coming from the different sensors connected to TZ Coastal Monitoring.

AIS / ARPA Targets

Nowadays, Automatic Identification Systems are the most common tool for marine identification and control. TZ Coastal Monitoring comes with the best AIS management available. With our extremely powerful technology, AIS Targets can be set to specific colors according to the type of vessel it is. Targets can be classified automatically or manually, giving you ultra-precise information about the surrounding vessels. TZ Coastal Monitoring processes the raw radar echo data with its own proprietary high-resolution ARPA algorithm and post-processing filters to provide you with the best detection system. Virtually unlimited ARPA Acquisition and Exclusion Areas can be set up in TZ Coastal Monitoring allowing the precise definition of areas to be monitored.

VHF Communications

TZ Coastal Monitoring allows interfacing up to 4 VHF which allow the monitoring of up to 4 Channels at the same time.
In order to connect 4 VHF to TZ Coastal Monitoring an external sound card will be required. TZ Coastal Monitoring will be able to record all the VHF communications (Record and Replay module required). The intuitive user interface offers a very easy way to go back in time in order to analyze all vessels movements and the related VHF communications together with boat movements, Radar Pictures and Videos.

Remote Access

TZ Coastal Monitoring Remote product allows you to combine data (Radar, AIS and ARPA targets) from multiple stations (installed with TZ Coastal Monitoring One Radar or TZ Coastal Monitoring Two Radars). The operator in the Supervision Center (where TZ Coastal Monitoring Remote is installed) is able to see and control everything.

AIS features in TZ Coastal Monitoring AIS / ARPA Targets
  • AIS class A:
    This type of AIS is used on vessels under SOLAS convention (merchant navy cargos…). It enables transmitting information about their characteristics, their position, their draft, the type of goods and their destination. The transmitting power of AIS class A is 12,5 W (by default) or 2 W (when operating in a specific area). The range of AIS class A is around 20 nm.
  • AIS class B:
    This type of AIS is used on vessels that are not under SOLAS convention (fishing vessels under 15 m, recreational boats…). AIS class B are more economical and their range is more limited (between 5 to 10 NM) than AIS class A. The frequency of the messages sent is lower than with AIS class A. Their transmitting power is 2 W (by default).
  • AIS Receivers:
    AIS receivers can only receive the information from Class A or Class B transponders. Those devices are generally the ones that are connected to TZ Coastal Monitoring.
Time Zero Coastal Monitoring Compatible Radars
Time Zero Coastal Monitoring Compatible Radars


Furuno Radar Compatibility

TZ Coastal Monitoring is compatible with the 2 main Furuno Radar ranges:

NavNet DRS Series:

  • X-Band Radars
  • Antenna maximum size is 6ft (also available with 4kW Dome)
  • From 4kW to 25kW

FAR 2xx7, FAR15x3/x8 and FAR3000 Series:

  • X-Band Radar / Up to 8ft Antenna / Up to 25kW
  • S-Band Radar / Up to 12ft Antenna / Up to 60kW
  • Solid State S-Band available (FAR3000)

Camera Compatibility

TZ Coastal Monitoring is compatible with different types of cameras:

  • AXIS IP cameras and AXIS IP video encoder
  • FLIR M-Series and M400 (requires an AXIS IP video encoder type M7011)
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