Intervolt 12-24 VDC Voltage Sensing Relays


In addition the PSR is electrically isolated (contact to load), non-polarised and bi-directional, features previously unheard of in any other solid state relay devices.



Voltage sensing relays have existed in one form or another for many years. They are commonly used to automatically replace the traditional manual process of controlling the charge function between batteries or battery banks, thus eliminating the risk of over/under charging.

interVOLT takes this process to a whole new level. The innovative design of the interVOLT PSR replaces traditional electro-mechanical relay devices used in 12/24 Volt DC applications by removing all mechanical parts to produce a completely solid state product with a myriad of added features.

In short, the PSR is a user adjustable voltage sensing relay in terms of voltage and time delay parameters. It allows the user to choose the voltage they want for switching loads on and off rather than be restricted to settings dictated by manufacturers. The time delay allows the relay to activate only after a user specified time to prevent cyclic (threshold) switching.


  • Combining of battery banks for charging and/or load sharing.
  • Paralleling battery banks as emergency supplies.
  • Switching loads at desired voltages both on and off.
  • Protecting equipment from under-voltage supply.
  • Isolating batteries at desired voltages both on and off.
  • Safe and reliable remote switching of heavy loads.

Additionally the PSR has the major benefit of being able to change from normally open or normally closed, all literally, at the touch of a button.

Intervolt 12-24 VDC Voltage Sensing Relays Specifications

  • Time Delay – the upper and lower time delay limits are user adjustable in 1.0 second increments from 001 to 255 seconds.
  • Alarm Voltage – the upper and lower alarm voltage limits are user adjustable in 0.1 Volt increments from 9.0 Volts to 18.0 Volts (PSR12150) and 16.0 Volts to 38.0 Volts (PSR24150) .
  • Contact State – the contact state is user selectable for normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C). The factory default is normally open.
  • Constant Rating: 150 Amps DC continuous @ 40°C ambient temperature.
  • Momentary Rating: 500 Amps DC @ 40°C for a period of 10 seconds @ 10% duty cycle.
  • Input: Voltage Sensing
  • PSR12150: 9VDC – 18VDC.
  • PSR24150: 16VDC – 38VDC.
  • Input Voltage Switching: 33VDC Maximum.
  • Contact Resistance – for load terminals ≈0.5mΩ @ 25°C. Does not take into account connections i.e. terminal resistance.
  • Alarm Output Signal – equal to input voltage to 200mA maximum.
  • Power Consumption (with LED display inactive)
  • Standby (un-switched) – current draw is typically 10mA @ 13.5VDC for 12V systems and 23mA @ 27.0VDC for 24V systems.
  • Active (switched) – current draw is typically 35mA @ 13.5VDC for 12V systems and 55mA @ 27.0VDC for 24V systems.
  • Environmental Considerations – Operating temperature range is -25°C to + 70°C (note continuous rating above). Humidity should not exceed 95 %.
  • Environmental Protection – Electronics sealed for dust and water protection to IP67 rating (internal components only).
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About Intervolt

Since 1989, Amelec Australia has been a major importer and distributor of specialised electrical and electronic equipment, including Intervolt products, for the marine and automotive industries.

In the year 2000, Amelec recognized the need for high quality, marine grade, voltage converters to service the 24V - 12V DC power conversion market. Unable to source a suitable product from Australia or overseas, we embarked on an ambitious project to develop and produce our own range for the commercial marine market.  Our first interVOLT product, the Maxi SVC Series was born and introduced to the market in May 2001.

Since then, Amelec have introduced our acclaimed range of DC-DC Power Conditioners, Battery Equalisers, Voltage Stabilisers and Lighting Dimmers in both Maxi and Mini Series.

We are housed in our new R&D centre in Western Australia and continue with the design and development of exciting and innovative projects for the specialised DC market. With the new projects we have under development and our philosophy to maintain quality-at-value products we are confident of interVOLT becoming an international name in the power management and conversion market in the near future.