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Boat Maintenance & Vessel Management

Detailed hands on marine electrical maintenance program

Customised to your actual vessel and its electrical systems is the best way to enjoy every moment when onboard!.

Maintenance Program

Having a detailed maintenance program onboard your boat is the best way to enjoy every moment when onboard. A major part of this program should be a hands on check of all your electrical systems and electronic packages.

Testing & Reporting

Barrenjoey Marine Electrics can create a program based around your actual vessel and its systems. This program involves a regualar check up onboard your boat where we test on confirm the operation of all the systems onboard.


Included in Maintenance

  • Bilge Pumps – Operational checks of bilge pums & Working Automatically
  • Battery’s – We check if the batteries are staying charged & not going flat
  • Navigation Light – Operational & Visibility check of Navigational lightings
  • VHF Radio – Operational checks of VHF Radios
  • Refrigeration – Operational & efficiency check of your refrigeration
  • Desalination Servicing – Desalination servicing and Winterizing
Boat Maintenance & Vessel Management


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Barrenjoey Marine Electrics has dealt with Aquavolt Electric Boat Parts for over 20 years. During this time they have continually focused on the needs of their customers in terms of supplying quality products promptly and efficiently.

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