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Bainbridge/Baintech Technologies is one of Australia's leading Expert Power Systems Wholesaler. Bainbridge Technologies brings together more than 25 years of DC and AC power systems expertise and reliable, world class products to support your business objectives with specialised off-grid power storage systems.

When you need a partner with proven, reliable and innovative expertise in DC and AC off-grid power storage solutions, Bainbridge Technologies is Australia's smart choice.

You can count on Bainbridge Technologies to help you overcome current industry challenges including falling profits, slower growth rates, increased risks, customer demands and fast product innovation with:

innovative power systems
world class products
enviable profit margins
distribution and marketing support
strong quality management systems
exceptional customer service including before and after sales support

For over 25 years, Bainbridge Technologies have been supporting our partners with innovative power systems that help conquer the business, economic and competitive environments they operate in.

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