Baintech 6 Way Switch Panel (Blue LED)

Powering different devices when you’re away in a 4WD can be a challenge. Switch panels offer a solution.

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Baintech 6 Way Switch Panel

Powering different devices when you’re away in a 4WD can be a challenge. Switch panels offer a solution. Allowing easy access to power fridges, lights and all your devices. The Baintech blue LED 6 Way Switch Panel features a Ciga socket, double 2.1a USB and Volt/Amp meter. Pre-wired for easy installation, the Baintech range of switch panels are customisable, with rocker switch labels to suit your set up.

With the built in volt meter, you can see exactly what state your batteries are in, when you’re using them, rather than being out of sight and mind and running the risk of going flat as your fridge and lights run into the night. Stop having to pick and choose what stays and what goes. Set yourself up with a power panel featuring a range of different sockets today, so everything gets to come along on your next 4WD adventure.


  • Suitable for 4WD, Caravan, Marine applications
  • Aluminium panel
  • Panel size: 180mm x 110mm
  • 1 X Ciga socket
  • Dual USB (2x 2.1A)
  • 1 X Voltmeter
  • 15A Fuse Holders
  • Waterproof 1P68 rating
  • 6 X Customisable rocker switchs
  • Indication labels included
  • 12 month warranty

Baintech 6 Way Switch Panel Specifications

Panel dimensions: 180mm x 110mm

Corner securing holes 4mm dia for countersunk screws

Mounting holes 7.5mm x 7.5mm in from each edge

Depth of entire panel with wiring, sockets and switches – allow 70mm minimum. Rear panel space allowance from outside edge to socket hardware is 10mm circumference all four sides.

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