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At the heart of this revolution MaxSea International was born in 1984, and the MaxSea electronic chart software. MaxSea International, European developer and distributor of software for maritime markets, was founded in 1985 along with the sister company MapMedia, specialized in electronic charting.

MaxSea International created the first marine navigation software for onboard PCs, with a wide range of products for both recreational and commercial sailors, sold in more than 25 countries on the 5 continents.
MaxSea software now offers a new chart engine with unparalleled seamlessness and speed of zooming, where marine charts, 3D data and satellite photos are combined to provide you with the best maritime information.

In 2004, FURUNO ELECTRIC CO LTD, and MaxSea International agreed to form a technical alliance to provide the ultimate solution to navigation data management system. The result of this innovative alliance is the development of TIMEZERO-NavNet software, which presents seamless integration of NavNet and TIMEZERO software to offer a sophisticated navigation system.

The past 7 years, many changes have taken place and with the addition of Nobeltec, we now proudly boast 3 companies in MaxSea, Nobeltec and MapMedia, offering an array of product ranges to suit every need.
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