Furuno was founded in Nagasaki, Japan in 1938 and has subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and China. Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. is a Japanese electronics company whose main products are marine electronics, including radar systems, fish finders and navigational instruments. The company also manufactures global positioning systems, medical equipment and meteorological monitoring and analysis systems.

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Furuno Electric applies its sophisticated electronics, ultrasonic and computer technologies to the marine industrial sectors.

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Furuno Airmar Weather Station 150WX


Furuno Airmar Weather Station 200WX


Furuno BBDS1 Digital Network Sounder (suit NN3D, TZT only)


Furuno Deep Impact DI-FFAMP Fish Finder Amplifier


Furuno DFF-3D Multi Beam Digital Network Sounder + Transducer Network


Furuno DFF1 FDF Digital Fish Finder


Furuno DFF1-UHD HD Network Sounder (suits NN3D and TZT)


Furuno DFF3 Digital Network Sounder


Furuno DRS12A NXT Radar Sensor


Furuno DRS12AX Radar Sensor


Furuno DRS25A NXT Open Radar Sensor


Furuno DRS25AX Radar Sensor


Furuno DRS4D NXT 24/36/48rpm 24″ Radome


Furuno DRS4W 1st Watch Wireless Radar


Furuno DRS6A NXT Radar Sensor


Furuno DRS6AX Radar Sensor


Furuno DST800 Thru-Hull Retractable Smart Sensor


Furuno DT-800PSF Thru-Hull Smart Sensor


Furuno FA 150 AIS


Furuno FA 30 AIS Receiver