Marine Power is converted to charge marine batteries or to marine power system loads. AC power is converted from DC with the use of marine inverters and inverter / chargers. DC power is converted from AC by battery chargers.

An inverter simply turns DC power either 12v or 24volt into AC power 240 VAC allowing use of AC powered devices and appliances.

Barrenjoey Marine Electrics supply a complete size range of inverters so whether it’s charging a laptop or running a large motor yacht or recreational vehicle we can cater for your needs.

Providing Brand like Enerdrive, Mastervolt and more from Authorised Tech Dealer & Service Agents!

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Enerdrive 12 Volt ePower Range


Enerdrive 24 Volt 30 Amp ePower


Enerdrive DC Converters W/ Galvanic Isolation


Enerdrive ePower Pure Sine Wave Inverters and Kits


Enerdrive ePRO Combi Inverters and Chargers


Enerdrive MagnaSine Pure Sine Wave Inverters


Enerdrive Xantrex PROsine Pure Sine Wave Inverters


Mastervolt AC Master 12V Range


Mastervolt AC Master 24V Range


Mastervolt ChargeMaster 12v Range


Mastervolt ChargeMaster 24v Range


Mastervolt DC Master 12V Range


Mastervolt DC Master 24v Range


Mastervolt Magic DC Converter Range


Mastervolt Mass Combi 12V Range

Mastervolt Mass Combi 24V Range


Mastervolt MPPT Solar Chargemaster 60