Spectra Watermakers

After 25 years operating as Edinger Marine Service, owner Bill Edinger founded Spectra Watermakers, Inc, with the successful launch of the first energy recovery systems designed specifically for desalination. In the late 1990's, Spectra Watermakers became a full time manufacturer of super efficient Reverse Osmosis desalination systems designed for the ocean going sailor.

The Spectra Watermakers brand was established, and is known for, engineering excellence, manufacturing a high quality product here in the USA, and providing excellent customer service, with unrivaled after-sales support. We are dedicated to designing and developing innovative new products and continually pushing the envelope of what is possible in the world of small scale desalination.

Spectra has the complete package; unparalleled engineering design, a worldwide sales and technical service distribution network, and a foundation rooted firmly in providing excellent customer service. All this makes Spectra Watermakers an American success story, keeping manufacturing in the USA and successfully competing in the global marketplace.

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