Spectra Ventura 200T Water Maker
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Spectra Ventura 200T Water Maker


The Spectra Ventura series is engineered to be energy-efficient and lightweight. The compact, modular design, makes for easy installation in confined spaces.


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Spectra Ventura 200T Water Maker The Ventura 200T is the same size and configuration as the Ventura 150, but uses a higher displacement Clark Pump to produce more water. This allows it to operate in warm waters above 50F (10C), delivering over 8 gallons (31 liters) per hour. With it’s modular design, it’s an ideal system for installation in tight spaces whether you’re cruising, fishing, or racing. Simple analog controls and gauges display the feed water pressure and the product flow meter. A hand-held salinity monitor and a three-way valve for product water testing are included. Features
  • Low power consumption can be run on batteries solar or wind power
  • Whisper quiet
  • Commercial grade diaphragm pumps with run-dry protection.
  • Z±ION Compatible
  • System includes installation kit – handheld salinity meter – product sample valve

Spectra Ventura 200T Water Maker Specifications

  • 8.3 g (31 l) every hour
  •  200 gal (757 l) a day
  •  60 lbs (27.22 kg)
  •  12v DC 10A / 24v DC 5A 14.5 Watts/1 gal. 4 Watts/1 liter
  •  VT-200-T
SystemsProduction rateMembraneVoltages AvailableControl System
GallonsLiters6”13”20”40″”DCACWith Spectra Connect RemoteAvailable with Spectra ConnectAuto Fresh Water FlushInstall Kit
Ventura Systems (with Spectra Connect) *
VT-200-T (Tropical)2008.3757311YYY

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