Barrenjoey Marine Electrics supplied Enerdrive Lithium Battery Packs feature a battery enclosure and integrated DC distribution board and provide a ready-to-install solution for marine applications.

Enerdrive Lithium Battery Packs use High Quality Lithium Ion Phosphate Cells from one of the leading manufacturers (LiFePO4) Every Endrive Lithium Battery Pack cell is protected by an internal BMS control board protecting the batteries from Cell imbalance and high voltage situations. All 4 cells (12v units) are clamped together by stainless strapping, secured to the battery box base, and then encased in a powder coated zinc shell for the ultimate protection and zero movement of the cells.

There is no possible method to connect loads to the battery without running through the installation kit. The Installation kit is connected to the battery box using a unique aircraft grade connection plug that ensures high current capabilities and positive locking

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