Marine Cameras

Marine and Thermal Imaging Cameras are the perfect solution for 24 hour safety and CCTV protection. Barrenjoey Marine Electrics supplies a variety of Cameras for interior or exterior, day or night use from known brands such as Raymarine & IRIS.

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Thermal Imaging Cameras use infra red radiation, rendered as visible light to allow the user to easily detect a person or vessel – even in pitch darkness. Units can either be handheld or fixed and are available with various detection ranges and options. Thermal night vision improves your ability to see rocks, bridges, buoys, floating debris, and even helps you find people in the water, vital when just a few minutes makes all the difference in the matter of survival.

Barrenjoey Marine Electrics have collaborated with some of the leading marine manufactures to develop and distribute cutting-edge products ultimately to ensure security and ease of control for every user.