Furuno NavPilot 300 FANTUM Autopilot with Gesture Controller
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Furuno NavPilot 300 FANTUM Autopilot with Gesture Controller


NavPilot 300 is not your ordinary Autopilot.

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Furuno NavPilot 300 FANTUM Autopilot with Gesture Controller

PRODUCT ID: IMD03230001 (Unit only) PRODUCT ID: 000033335

NavPilot 300 is not your ordinary Autopilot

The NavPilot 300 is a revolutionary autopilot. With Fantum Feedback, NavPilot outboard installations no longer require use of a physical rudder feedback unit. This results in a streamlined, simplified installation. Combined with Furuno’s unique adaptive learning technology, NavPilot 300 provides unmatched outboard Autopilot performance. Fantum Feedback is designed for planing and semi-displacement outboard vessels from 24 to 50 feet, with one to four outboard engines, where it achieves precise course control from slow trolling to speeds of well over 60 knots. The NavPilot 300/PG-M includes a 1.6L pumpset for boats with multiple-cylinder steering systems, as well as the PG700 Fluxgate Compass Heading Sensor with magnetic field distortion correction, providing highly accurate and stable heading information.

Gesture Control – just push, point and shoot!

The Gesture Controller is a revolutionary and unique way to steer your boat remotely. By using Bluetooth signals, it is possible to control the Autopilot from anywhere on the boat within 10 meters. Just push, hold the button, point to the desired heading and release to let the Autopilot redirect the boat!

Furuno NavPilot 300 Specifications



  • Display: 4.1″ Color LCD
  • Effective Display Area: 85.2 (W) x 85.2 (H) mm
  • Pixel Number: QVGA (320 x 240)
  • Backlight: 700 cd/m2 typical


  • Steering modes: STBY, Auto, Dodge, NFU (Non-follow up), Turn, Advanced auto*, Navigation*, FishHunterTM*, Override *external data required
  • Sea Condition Adjustment: Auto/Manual-Calm/Moderate/Rough
  • Alarm: Deviation alarm, Watch alarm


  • Ports: NMEA2000 x1, CAN bus x1 (DBW control) Control signal x3, Bluetooth
  • Input: 059392/904, 060160/416/928, 061184, 065240,126208/464/720/992/996, 127237/250/258, 128259,129025/026/029/283/284/285/538, 130577/818/821/827/841
  • Output: 059392/904, 060928, 126208/464/720/993/996/998, 127237/245, 130816/821/822/823/827/841


  • Processor Unit: IP55
  • Control Unit: IP56
  • Gesture Controller: IP65/67


  • Power Supply
  • Processor Unit: 12-24 VDC 0.22 A max.
  • Control Unit: 15 VDC 0.29 A max.
  • Gesture Controller: 3 VDC, Dry cell battery (AAA, 2 pcs)

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