EmpirBus Connect 50


The EmpirBus Input Output Module (NXT DCM) is an NMEA2000 device that is connected to the main DC Bus and provides inputs and outputs to the system.


EmpirBus Connect 50

Empirbus Connect 50 is a new version of the EmpirBus Input Output Module (NXT DCM) designed for smaller or less complex installations. The durability and competence from the NXT DCM has been used to develop a unit that delivers outstanding cost/channel ratio – without leaving important & useful functionality behind!


11 input channels analog or digital
20 output channels 10 A rating
advanced lighting control provides full LED brightness control
analog functions monitor and control analog signals (V, Ω)
smooth on & off create your desired ambience
self adapting units simple service & replacement
dimming functionality full flexibility without limitation
advanced motor control reversible polarity functionality.
automatic override control security and safety with manual override
control of complex wiper system interval function, 1 or 2 speed, synchronization…..
optional CAN/RS485/WiFi connecting 3rd party devices & app control

EmpirBus Connect 50 Specifications

High side: 20 ch 1-10A
Low side: 4 ch 6A

Digital input:
12V power peak/average: 170mA/1mA
24V power peak/average: 340mA/2mA
Week signal low side/high side: 1mA/4mA
Current drive: 50mA

Analog input:
Volt: 0–16/0–32V +/-1%
Resistance: 0–1500 ohm +/-5%
Power supply:
Maximum current: 50A
Power consumption: 1,5mA
Supply voltage 12V: 9-16VDC
Supply voltage 24V: 9-32VDC


CAN-bus NMEA 2000
CAN-bus galvanic isolated*
RS485 galvanic isolated*

NMEA 2000: Micro 5pin M12 Male
Channels: Molex MX150L 16 circuits
Power supply: M6 bolt

Ambient temp.: -20°C to +55°C
Enclosure: Ingress Protection IP65
Dimensions: 230 x 106 x 38 mm
Weight: 0,4 kg
Regulation comp: ABYC, RoHS, CE, RCM, FCC

The outputs have been fitted with high accuracy current feedback that enables real time readout of the current consumption per channel. A new design of the NMEA connection provides galvanically isolated connection, without the need for a powered NMEA bus. The power consumption from the NMEA bus is ZERO for the Connect 50! The Connect 50 comes as standard with 11 input channels and 20 output channels. As an option it can be equipped with ports for additional galvanic isolated CAN and serial interface. In addition there is also an option to fit the Connect 50 with WiFi for wireless control and connectivity. Reverse polarity on two channels to control of tables, windows, hatches etc. is supplied as standard as well as capability of controlling and synchronizing window wipers. As on the EmpirBus NXT DCM, main power is connected by two M6 stainless steel bolts. The casing is IP65 rated, made from high-grade polycarbonate to deliver the robustness needed when operating under tougher conditions. Connecting equipment is done by two 16 way Molex MX150L connectors known from the EmpirBus NXT. This is a guarantee for long lasting connections without risk of corrosion or glitches – at the same time offering quick connection and simplified installation.

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