Blue Water Express XT Watermaker

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The Blue Water Express XT desalinator is similar to the other fully automatic members of the Blue Water family, but in a compact (yet powerful) size.  

Boasting a capacity of up to 33 Gallons (126 Litres) Per Hour, the Express XT is perfect for those tight spots on smaller to mid-sized vessels.  It too has a one-touch operation that also continuously monitors and adjusts performance for the greatest water production and quality.  

Like the other Blue Water units, the Express XT is designed for easy performace, service and maintenance. 
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Additionally, it is also full of great customary features like:
Fresh Water Flush System (interval adjustable up to 10 days)
High Rejection Membrane
Product Water Carbon Filter
No charge upgrade to Commercial Pre-filter
Stainless steel booster pump shaft
Dual voltage 50/60 Hz motors
High Pressure monel transducer
Low pressure safety switch
Simple controller with LED indicators
Optional remote control
Installation kit including bronze sea strainer


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