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Side Power SE100 Tunnel Thruster

SKU: SE100/185T-12V (base model)
$ 4288
$4,288.00 RRP $4,513.00 (base model)
Side-Power 100kg Thruster, IPC, Twin 5bl Q props, Sealed gearleg, 12V, DIAM 185mm

The SE100/185T replaces the SP95Ti as the most powerful thruster available in the popular  Diameter 185mm tunnel diameter and is thereby the optimal thruster for boats where a maximum thrust in a compact tunnel is necessary. The SE100/185T includes all the important and unique Side-Power features and qualities - why settle for less
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Thrust at 10.5V* (kg) 100
Thrust at 12V* (kg) 116
Typical boat size (ft • m) 35' - 55' - 12 - 17
Tunnel inner diameter (mm) 185
Propulsion Twin
Power at 10.5V* (kW - Hp) 6,3 - 8,4
For DC system (V) 12
Weight (kg) 31
Min. battery capacity (CCA**) 750
Control system Analog

Sizes: Installation Service,Onsite Consultation

SKU: SE100/185T-12V

Categories: Thrusters Bow and Stern, Thruster Motors,

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