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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

BME - Barrenjoey Marine Electrics

Yes. If you cannot make it to our Marina for servicing, we offer a mobile service to the Greater Sydney Region, and more often the East Coast of Australia and beyond!!!
BME is the name of our online site, which is powered by Barrenjoey Marine Electrics (BME) experienced staff members.
With over 35 years of experience in the marine industry Mark Coates and his ever expanding team are fast approaching a combined 100 years of experience.
We have Australia-wide shipping available, but for international enquiries please contact us for a quote today.
Selecting a transducer is one of the most critical decisions to make about an electronics purchase especially if you are selecting for game fishing purposes. Every hull design has a different shape and is designed for a different purpose. Please contact us for assistance as we do have experience in selecting and fitting transducers.
As individual services and needs may vary, POA (Payment on application) is offered for several products in our range. To organise a payment enquiry, please contact us today.

  • We are %100 Australian owned and operated so you will be supporting the marine industry in Australia.
  • We will only sell you products which we have had hands on experience with so assistance and tech support is guaranteed to be useful!
  • We are not only just an online seller. We have highly trained tradesman here working with all our products day in day out.
  • We are qualified service agents for all leading brands on our site and have strong alliances with these manufacturers. This ensures we make the right decision for you.

Different brands suit different boating experiences. BME take into consideration your budget, your vessel size and type, commercial or recreational boating needs, and professional and beginner customer abilities. With this, we can then decipher which manufacturers and products would best suit and satisfy your boating requirements.
Please visit our Marine Electrical Services page for the list of services we can provide you with.
We offer expert advice and installation service for system networks. Let us help you design and personalise the right network for your vessel today.
Absolutely. The progressive growth of the Industry means that many products are often discontinued. Although BME cannot continue the trade of products that are no longer manufactured, we still offer repair and maintenance services for them and can more often than not find a solution for you.
The quickest and most efficient way is to call or email our office and talk to one of our experienced technicians with as much info as possible. Please visit our (Contact us link) page today.
BME - Barrenjoey MArine Electrics would love to hear your feedback about our website. We try our hardest to have current and correct information about our services and products, so in the case that you find an error, typo or corrupt product please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible. You may even get a reward!!!