Boat Maintenance & Vessel Management

Maintenance Program

Having a detailed maintenance program onboard your boat is the best way to enjoy every moment when onboard. A major part of this program should be a hands on check of all your electrical systems and electronic packages.

Testing & Reporting

Barrenjoey Marine Electrics can create a program based around your actual vessel and its systems. This program involves a regualar check up onboard your boat where we test on confirm the operation of all the systems onboard.

Included in Maintenance

  • Bilge Pumps
    Operational checks of bilge pums & Working Automatically
  • Battery's
    We check if the batteries are staying charged & not going flat
  • Navigation Light
    Operational & Visibility check of Navigational lightings
  • VHF Radio
    Operational checks of VHF Radios
  • Refrigeration
    Operational & efficiency check of your refrigeration
  • Desalination Servicing
    Desalination servicing and Winterizing

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