SeaStar Optimus EPS - Electronic Power Steering
Seastar Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

Seastar Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

Brings power steering control & maneuverability to high performance powerboats, saltwater fishing vessels, catamarans, RIBS and high end pontoon boats. Suitable for single, twin, triple and quad outboard engine boats.

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Optimus EPS Redefining Electronic Power Steering For Power Boats

Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is suitable for single, twin, triple and quad outboard engine boats. With SeaStar Optimus EPS, you can enjoy smooth power steering on your vessel. SeaStar Optimus EPS  brings control and maneuverability to high performance powerboats, saltwater fishing vessels, catamarans, RIBS and high end pontoon boats.

Features of Optimus EPS

With Active Sensitivity of Optimus EPS, the Lock-to-lock turns and wheel effort are programmed to change with engine RPM. At slow speeds, Optimus EPS can be set to reduce the number of turns lock-to-lock and make it easier to steer. Even at slow speed smaller moves of the wheel give you precise control. When you’re running at speed in open water, Optimus EPS can be set to increase lock-to-lock turns, for example, and increase steering effort giving the driver more stability to comfortably keep on course. And through it all, Optimus EPS does the work, so you can relax and take it easy.

Advantages of Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

  • No oil at the helm
  • Boat that steers like a sports car
  • Plug and play autopilot compatibility
  • No auto pilot pump or rudder feedback unit
  • Adjustable speed sensitive wheel effort
  • Adjustable speed sensitive turns lock to lock
  • Can be retrofitted to existing mechanical and electronic controlled engines. You do not have to buy new engines
  • No tie-bars (twin configuration)
  • No liquid tie-bar (CAT)
  • On demand pumps which extend battery life
  • Components based on existing SeaStar reliability and quality
  • NMEA 2000 Certified
  • Meets or exceeds NMMA, ABYC, CE, ISO and SAE
  • Applications for Optimus EPS Outboard
  • All single, twin, triple and quad outboard engine boats
  • Electronic and mechanical controlled
  • Single and dual helm station boats
  • Performance powerboats, bay boats, center console, saltwater fishing vessels, RIBS, catamarans, houseboats and pontoon boats

Technology Behind SeaStar Optimus EPS

Electronic Helm Features

  • Adjustable helm turns & steering wheel effort for maximum comfort
  • Speed sensitive helm turns, effort and response
  • Dual independent sensors & circuits provides redundancy for reliable operation
  • Electronic helm means no hydraulic oil at helm
  • Optional tilt helms available for adjustable steering wheel position

CANtrak Display Features 

  • SeaStar Optimus CANtrak Display
  • Digital display for messaging and user interface
  • Displays visual information on system status
  • Interface to Setup, Configure and Purge
  • Real-time rudder direction and RPM

Hydraulic Steering Pump Features

  • On demand hydraulic steering pump reduces overall power consumption
  • Simplified auto-purge mode no oil cooler required for hydraulic fluid
  • Designed using SAE J-1171 rated motor
  • Third party auto-pilot certified allows purging system with existing components
  • Integrated service/bypass valve meets requirement for ignition protection

Pump Control Module Features & Benefits

  • SeaStar Optimus Pump Control Module
  • Fault tolerant CAN Bus network ensures system reliability and operation
  • Sealed, locking cable connections ensures reliable cable protection from vibration
  • Accommodate certified 3rd party autopilot systems no additional autopilot pump and RFU
  • Automatic battery selector ensures system operates at peak performance

SmartCylinder Features & Benefits

  • SeaStar Optimus SmartCylinder
  • Dual independent non-contact sensors enhances system reliability and operation
  • Proven Seastar cylinder design no additional RFU required for autopilot system
  • Integrated rudder feedback unit (RFU) simplifies the installation
  • Adjustable stainless steel ORB fittings allows for easy orientation in any direction

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