Simrad RS35 VHF/AIS Radio


The Simrad RS35 combines inbuilt dual channel AIS receiver and the latest VHF functionality.


Class D compliant for global use, the RS35 VHF radio offers inbuilt dual channel AIS receiver functionality, which allows AIS reception and VHF use via just one antenna. In areas such as busy shipping lanes, the RS35 offers the ability to see, hear and be heard for increased safety.

Industry standard certified allows the VHF to be easily integrated into an existing system. Plug and play integration has many uses such as viewing another boat’s DSC distress call from a Simrad NSS chartplotter screen or receiving vital GPS location data for accurate DSC call information.

The RS35 AIS/VHF radio has dedicated menu and channel keys, separate volume and squelch knobs and a Distress button, along with an ergonomic fist mic. The Simrad RS35 has selectable Dual and TriWatch modes and a large internal speaker. The 4W external speaker is great for use as a PA and the 22W hailer horn has an automatic fog signal and a listen back function.

Simrad RS35 VHF/AIS Radio Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -20°C To + 50°C (US), -15°C To + 55°C (EU)
  • Product Width: 180mm
  • Product Depth: 156mm
  • Product Height: 96mm
  • Spurious Emissions [dBc]: ≤0.25 uW
  • Power Consumption: +13.6 V DC (negative ground)
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity/ Intermodulation Rejection: ≥70 dB / ≥70 dB
  • Sensitivity: 12dB SINAD dBuV ≤-6 (EMF)
  • Spurious Response Rejection: ≥70
  • DSC Class Class: “D” (EN301025)

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